Ghulam Badshah By Qamar Taskeen PDF Novel

Ghulam Badshah Novel

Ghulam Badshah Novel by Qamar Taskeen PDF Urdu History book free download or read online. This is the story of another high-quality record by Qamar Taskeen. In this novel, the writer talked about the beginning of Muslim rule in India. He noted that how Shahab Ud Din Ghauri gained the battle of Taraine that paved the path for the later invaders in India.

Shahabuddin Ghauri delegated Qutubuddin Aibak as the legislative head of Lahore. Aibak received the coronary heart of human beings with his generosity and kindness. He defeated a few Hindu rulers who refused to surrender earlier than him. Qutubuddin Aibak was the person who gives firm management to the brand-new Muslim state.

Qamar Taskeen is a well-known novelist and top tale creator who authored a few first-rate books. In his career, he focussed on the records of the Muslims and wrote novels on them. He quoted reliable references in his testimonies which made them greater useful. I hope you like to read the Urdu book now get a free pdf copy file from the below links.

غلام بادشاہ مکمل کتاب از قمر تسکین
Ghulam Badshah Qamar Taskeen

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