Ghazwa Hunain By Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Islamic Jihad


Ghazwa Hunain has written by Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Islamic Jihad Urdu book PDF download or reads online. This famous Muslim holy war book translated by Shaykh Akhtar Fatehpuri.  This is a history of the war of Hunain which battled after the Fatah of Makkah. The Muslims vanquished the Hawazin and the Banu Saqeef clans in the authority of the Prophet of Islam. In the decisive laws of Islam, the position of Ghawa e Hunain is very important because it is an important point of view from the military point of view, in which Muslims joined the Holy Prophet. Twelve thousand respondents attended and no such figure was seen in the first instance. Also, in this case, the final victory in the decisive victory of Muslims, the idols in the island of Arabia, was the last nail. The book is under reference to the book of Allama Muhammad Ahmad Basil, as Maulana Akhtar Fateh has moved in the Urdu language. The book contains wonderful teachings and precious analyzes. How fortunately and how to balance the balance of the fort, and what kind of situation was presented during the period. How many people of the opponents were killed and how many people of the Muslim were killed? How to destroy idols in the island of Arabia, all the information has been made in the book. Everyone who wishes for the explanation of the treasures of the history of Islamic history should study this book and also study the teachings and insights of the books of Mutual Books of the Holy History. In the Ghost of Hunan, the books and verses found in Holy Quran have been presented in a wonderful way during his dissolution and analysis in his book. Muslim youths, especially for the students of history cover the treasures of Islamic history, which will provide superb equipment for their thirst. You may be read Ghazwa Bani Quraizah and Ghazwa Ahzab.

Ghazwa Hunain urdu
Ghazwa Hunain book

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