Ghazwa e Badar By Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Islamic Histroy

gazwa badar
Ghazwa e Badar by Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Islamic History Urdu book free pdf download or read online. This book translated into the Urdu language by Akhter Feth Puri. After the migration, the first Jihad of Muslims is the fight against Badar. The number of Kuffar e Makkah in this verse was more than a thousand, and all of them were covered with iron weapons. While the number of Muslims was only 313, their weapons were broken and their swords were torn. But the Muslims still conquered enemies of Islam with the help of Allaah and the true spirit of Tawheed. In the study book, Mr. Mred Bahamel has scattered the same ghost in pages in a unique way. Not only does it contain all the details of Ghostah Badar, but the passion of Muslims of this time is also a thorough estimate of Jihad and Josh. Translation of Urdu Urdu Translation Maulana Akhtar Fateh completed. Now download this book from the end of the post. You may be read Ghazwa e Tabook and Aakhri Jang (The Last War) by Abu Yahya.
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