Ghazwa Bani Quraizah By Muhammad Ahmed Bashmail Jihad History

Ghazwa Bani Quraizah was written by Muhammad Ahmed Bashmail and translated into the Urdu language by Akhter Fateh Puri Jihad history book in Urdu. This Urdu Islamic history book about the war between the Muslims of Madina and the Bani Quraiza, a clan of the Jews in Madina. The Muslims attacked the zone of Bani Quraiza and crushed them. It occurred after the Ghazwa e Ahzab. Allama Muhammad Ahmed Bashmail has started the chain of narrators’ narrative ‘Ghazwa Bano Qariya’ is the fourth episode of this series. There is a lot of material in the Ghaznets’ historical book, but it is definitely a blessed work to separate these types of missile and present related events in a separate booklet. The study of ‘Ghazo Bano Qara’ah is, therefore, necessary that our prophet Muhammad (SAW) has not only achieved the revolution in the destiny of Muslims but also removes the misguided and cruelty from the curtain of the world. This narrative cleansed the Jewish element and the Arabian Arab Saved him from the evil and his conspiracy. These conspiracies were such that could only be kept by force over the abstract element. You may be read Ghazwa e Tabook and Ghazwa e Badar.
غزوہ بنی قریظہ
Jihad History Book

Jihad History Urdu

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