Ghazwa Ahzab By Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail History Book

Ghazwa Ahzab Bashmail
Read the history of Ghazwa Ahzab in Urdu written by Ahmed Fateh Poori and Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail is the Urdu translator of the book. He told the subtleties of a war between the Muslims of Madina and the collusion of Arab clans. Quraish of Makkah drove this endeavour. The war finished with no outcome and the Mushrikeen turned back without a triumph. Ahmed Fateh Poori, who is the first book of ‘Ghazwa e  Ahzab’, has narrated the first two Gazwaat on Badar and Ghaza Ahad. In which he documented the detailed conditions of both of them. In this Urdu book, the writer has not only described the detailed events of Ghazwa Ahzab but also mentioned all the military and political incidents in which Muslims lived living between Ghaza and Ghaza Ahzab. The author has mentioned seven rocks and military attacks that the Islamic army made to strengthen the centre of Muslims and to strengthen the disaster that had touched the hearts after the Ghost. You may be read Fatah Makkah and Ghazwa e Badar

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