Ghar Ka Dawakhana By Hakeem Abdul Qudoos


گھر کا دوا خانہ

حکیم عبدالقدوس
Free Download or read an online pdf copy of hikmat book “Ghar Ka Dawakhana ” written by Hakeem Abdul Qudoos India. Is an absorbing accumulation of accustomed home remedies accounting by one of the abundant herbalists, James Green, columnist of the acknowledged? Writing in an alluringly claimed and down-home style, Green emphasizes the point that herbal medicine-making is axiological to every ability on the planet and is attainable to everyone. So, aboriginal arch into the garden and apprentice to autumn your own herbs, and again arch into your kitchen and whip up a accumulation of raspberry ahem syrup, or conceivably a abatement borsch to abolish the circadian stresses of avant-garde life. Key advice about the book Ghar Ka Dawakhana in The Urdu you can apperceive the analysis of abounding diseases. which have to be in every house. the treatments accustomed in this book are not alone simple to adapt, but they are aswell actual inexpensive. hakeem saeed has told us that the fruits and vegetables we circadian eat can aswell be acclimated for treatment. and if we use the fruits and vegetables inaccurate ways, they become actually able medicines. eastern medicines –tibb-e-mashriq writer: hakeem abdul kudos of India book condition: acclimated book but in acceptable condition. 

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