Gham Na Karen By Dr. Aaidh Al Qarni PDF Free


Gham Na Karein Free Download Urdu PDF Book

غم نہ کریں

ڈاکٹر عائض القرنی

Free download very popular Urdu book “Gham Na Karain”(Do Not be Sad) or Read Online. This book write by Dr. Aaiz Al Qarni ,This Urdu book is deciphered by Ghatrif Shahbaz Nadvi and the credit of this book goes to him on the grounds that he has endeavored to interpret such a long Arabic book into Urdu dialect. “Gham Na Karein” is the title name of this Urdu book which means Don’t Worry. This book is about to cure your gloom, stresses and pressures. In this book, Doctor Aaidh Al Qarni has composed extremely wonderful articles and trust me, by perusing his articles you will disregard your stresses and pressure. This book is a desire forever particularly for those individuals who are baffled from their lives. You might likewise prescribe this book to your family and companions who have broken hearts. Dr. Aaidh Ibne Abdullah Al-Qarni is a Saudi Arabian Islamic researcher, lobbyist and writer. He is the writer of 16 books and a hefty portion of his books are interpreted into distinctive dialects of the world. Gham Na Karein Urdu book is the interpretation of one Dr. Aaidh Al-Qarni’s book.Read more download this book for offline reading.

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