Geography Book 6th Class Free PDF by Punjab Textbook Board 2017


Geography Book 6th Class
Free download PDF Pakistan textbook 6th Class Geography English Medium written by Prof. Nadeem Fayyaz and Prof. Muhammad Abbas Published by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board Employees Welfare Society, Lahore.  In this book the investigation of the frameworks and procedures engaged with the world’s climate, mountains, oceans, lakes, and so on and of the manners by which nations and individuals sort out life inside a region This book has been selected and distributed for the Academic year 2016-17 as textbook for all Government schools in Punjab. Approved by Federal Ministry of education curriculum wing, Islamabad according to the National textbook and learning material policy 2007. This literature as long as 121 pages and PDF file size 8.9 MB. You may be read English Grammar Composition 9th and 10th Class book in English and Chemistry 10th class book

Geography Class 6 Book PDF Free Download or Read Online:

The following below eight chapters and contents of this book:
1. Earth as a Planet
Universe and its component
Solar System and Earth
Shape and Size of Earth
Movement of Earth
Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Continents and Oceans
Answers and Questions 
2.  Globe, Maps and their Uses
Components of Maps
Types of Scale
Latitude and Longitude
Uses of Maps
3. Earth as a Home for the Human Beings
Natural Spheres of the Earth
Human Environment Relationship 
4. Rocks
Types of Rocks
Igneous and Sedimentary Rocks

5. Major Land Features
6.Land and Features of Pakistan
Mountain Ranges
Rivers of Pakistan
Coastal Area
7. World Population 
Population Growth
Population of Pakistan
Rural and Urban Areas
8. Human Settlements

Rural Settlements
Urban Settlements
Important  Cities of the World

Class 6 Geography Book

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