Genghis Khan by Harold Lamb in Urdu PDF Download


Changez Khan Urdu Translate By Aziz Ahmed

چنگیز خان
 ہیرلڈ یم 

ترجمہ: ‏عزیز احمد

Free download Biography and History Urdu book Changez Khan by Harold Lamb and Translated into Urdu by Aziz Ahmed. Study the life of Changez Khan this complete war history e book in Local urdu language. Genghis or Changez Khan was one of the world’s most effective military pioneers, He was a Mongol Emperor who was extremely fruitful in a fight, overcoming numerous different people groups, for example, the Jin Dynasty. who joined with the Mongol tribes and began the Mongol Empire. He was an extremely solid and effective head who possessed a lot of China and some encompassing nations of China. Total four parts along with 208 pages and PDF file size 3 MB only.

Genghis khan Aziz Ahmed

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