Friendship Urdu Book Dost Kisy Banain by Abdullah Ibne Ali

Friendship Urdu Book
Friendship Urdu book Dost Kisy Banain written by Abdullah Ibne Ali translated in the Urdu language by Abu Usman Khabib Ahmed Saleem and added and rewrite by Muhammad Tahir Naqash. It is a fascinating human being that he considers people interacting with people to live in society, establish relationships, and make friends so that they can renovate from their religious responsibilities. But a Muslim For a man it is necessary that he should keep Sharia teachings in the formation of his relationship. His relations and friendship are only with Allah’s subordinate and obedient servants, he hates the rebellion and disobedient people. The quality of friendship and hostility is based on the attainment of God’s pleasure and happiness rather than religious interests. Islam is based on beliefs According, it is explained in detail with the definition of manual evolution. In the commentary (Who is the friend?) Sheikh Abdul al Ali Ibn Al-muminin, the famous Alam e Din in Saudi, he shared his rules of friendship in this book. The quality and the choice of audiences have been discussed in a very beautiful manner, and its principles have been explained by the sharp point of view, who is to be made and how to be made. Khabib Ahmad Saleem has made it useful for the Urdu class, Allah is pleased to increase the knowledge of translators and publishers. Rather, and accept this service in your care. You may be read Quran Ka Matloob Insaan by Abu Yahyah and Jhotay Dajjal K Fitnay book by Zia Uddin.

دوست کسے بنائیں؟
عبد اللہ بن علی الجعیثن
خبیب احمد سلیم
Dost Kisy Banain

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