Fori Tibbi Imdad by Mehboob Alam Qureshi


First Aid Health Guide Homeopathic Urdu Book

فوری طبی امداد 

 محبوب عالم قریشی

First Aid before coming doctor (Fori aur Ibtadai tibbi Imdad Doctor ke amad Se Phele) written by Mehboob Alam Qureshi. First Aid guide and emergency treatment and instructions Homeopathy book in Urdu, First help is the assistance given to anyone suffering a sudden ailment or injury, with care provided to keep lifestyles, restrict the condition from worsening, or promote healing. It includes preliminary intervention in a major previous to legitimate clinical aid being available. How to care for bites, burns, cuts, and other accidents in Urdu.

Fori Tibbi Imdad by Mehboob Alam Qureshi

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