Fitnah Dajjale Akbar Antichrist Instruction and Precautions


Temptation of Dajjal Ahtiat aur Tadabeer by Asrar Alam

فتنہ دجال احتیات اور تدابیر

 اسرار عالم

Free download book Fitna Dajjal Artist aur Tadabeer, Fitnah Dajjal Akbar Antichrist Instruction and Precautions written by Israr Alam, firstly on this subject in subtle element and gave the insights to spare Ummah from this Pugnacity of Anti-Christ. The story of the end of time or Last days of this world in from the mischief of Dajjal pretending as Messiah. This is very informative Urdu book by the Islamic scholar from New Delhi, Read about Antichrist in Urdu.Download PDF or read Online, PDF  file size is  only 6MB.

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