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Free transfer or scan on-line 1st-year b-tech pass engineering courses notes and short answer queries. Topic in this notes square measure basic electrical engineering, some applications of dc motor, reactive power, a primary winding, calculate the electrical power, Kirchhoff voltage law.  Basic physical science, conductivity in semiconductors, transistors,bias stabilization,cascading junction transistor amplifiers, single stage RC coupled electronic equipment,introduction of operational amplifier, theory of curved oscillators,types of sinusoidal oscillations,circuit diagram of Hartley generator ,transistor oscillator,communication systems, radio broadcasting, transmission and reception,am diode detector, superheterodyne receiver, electron beam oscilloscope,action of gas-discharge tube. Introduction to information processing system, hardware, storage devices, introduction of computing environments, structure of a computer program, a string variable. Engineering chemistry, fuel cells, organic chemistry fuel cells, biotechnology ,liquid crystals, environmental chemistry,air pollution, electrochemical energy systems, battery technology, corrosion science, differential metal corrosion,technological importance of metal finishing, pollution, applied earth science, plate boundaries, distribution of earthquakes, engineering concerns in seismal areas, definition of a mineral, properties of minerals, physical weathering matter rocks, reading geographics maps, lithological characters of the rocks, basic necessities of a building foundation, components of mechanical engineering, soldering, brazing and fastening, biological science, Laplace transforms, classical free negation theory of metals, crystal structure diamond, degrees of comparison,active voice, voice ,simple tense, however can we use the easy tense , perfective tense , use of conditionals, compound nouns, modal verbs, who question words, verbal noun and infinitive, expressing cause and impact, transformation of words,writing definitions, essays, comprehension, recommendations, letter composing. 

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