Fee Sabi Lillah Urdu Novel by Haleem ul Haqi PDF


Patriotic Urdu Novel Fee SabiLilah PDF

فی سبیل اللہ 

علیم الحق حقی 

Easily read online or Free download Fee Sabi Lilah Urdu Patriotic Novel Authored by Haleem ul Haq Haqi. Is a Pakistani famous Urdu novelist and story writer, he wrote many novels in different Urdu magazines and digest in Pakistan.This novel story base on Jihad, Jihad is part of pray in Islam. The story written for request of Kashmiri reader who requested to author writes Novel on Jihad.Aleem-ul-Haq Haqqi is likely one of the most fashionable Urdu fiction creator in Urdu Literature. He has written very big quantity of qualify novels total 252 pages of this 8.8MB PDF file.

Patriotic Urdu Novel Fee SabiLilah

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