Fatah Khaibar by Allama Ahmad Bashmail Jihad Book Urdu PDF


Fatah Khaibar was written by Allama Ahmad Bashmail Jihad and translate in Urdu Shaykh Akhtar Fatehpuri by book Urdu PDF free download or read online. Islam is full of golden history, precious treasures, and brave and praised works. One of the decisive laws of Islam is “Khabar Khabar”. Muharram  7 Hijri this incident is very important by its factors. As a result of this incident, not only did the Jews and the Levites become part of the world, but also the Muslims got complete protection from them. The underlying book is the author of Allama Muhammad  Ahmad Bashmail, which “Akhtar Fateh whole” has moved into Urdu.  writers have written books on different sources of chain on the subject of the decentralization of Islam. They have discussed the background, motivation and theories of each incident, and one point and one place have made a topic of thought and view. Eventually, in Khyber, it is probably in a book with so much soothing and authoritative information. The author has divided the book into four recipients. In the first chapter, Yahud has discussed a brief history of Khyber and Khyber Geography. The second chapter discusses the promise of Allah and the preparation of this Ghazwa concerning the victory of Khyber. In the third crop, information has been reported on the start of the beginning of Khyber, early fighting and half-fortified fortresses of Khyber, and victory in the fourth and last half of Khyber  victory, Jewish talks, conditions, war crimes and other events The detailed discussion has been discussed and the analysis of this incident on the last pages of the book, the interpretation of the army, the meaning of Khabar is the explanation of Khabar. This book is an academic heritage and torrent for military experts, officers and military forces. You may be read Ghazwa Hunain and Qustuntunia Par Pehla Hamla.
Fateh Khaiber Allama Bashmail

Fatah e Khaibar Allama  Bashmail


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