Falsafah Science Aur Kainat By Mahmood Ali Sidni


فلسفہ سائنس اور کائنات

ڈاکٹر محمود علی سڈ نی

Free download or read an online book “Falsafah Science Aur Kainaat “(Second Edition) written By Mehmood Ali Sidni. Science is an analytical action that builds and organizes ability in the anatomy of testable explanations and predictions about attributes and the universe. In an earlier and carefully accompanying meaning, “science” as well refers to a physique of ability itself, of the blazon that can be rationally explained and anxiously applied. Ever back classical antiquity, science as a blazon of ability has been carefully affiliated to philosophy. In the West during the aboriginal avant-garde aeon the words “science” and “philosophy of nature” were sometimes acclimated interchangeably and until the 19th aeon accustomed aesthetics (which is today alleged “natural science”) was advised an abstracted annex of aesthetics in the West

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