English Tenses Learning PDF Book in Urdu


Learn English  Tenses in only 2 week PDF

ٹینسیس سیکھیں

Learn English  tenses in only 2 week, “English  Bolna Seekaye”. This is English tenses learning PDF book in Urdu, tense course guides Urdu book.learn basic grammar lesson,Talk in English in 2 two week, How to learn tense, Make you English better read this tutorial , Learn Vowels and Consonants (A,E,I,O,U), The silence word of English, How to write Articles, Usage of An, A and the. Definite Articles and Indefinite Articles learning, Usage of will word, to express future intention or decision made at the moment of speaking, First conditional, Time Clauses, Lear about pronoun and kind of pronoun, Reflexive Pronouns, Emphatic Pronoun, Demonstrative and indefinite pronouns. Adjective and Kind of adjective, Use of Verb and adverb, Use of Some Preposition, Present Tense, Present Indefinite, Present Simple and present Continuous, Past continuous tense, learn Expression of quantity, A task for learners. Learn more download free pdf or read on the net.

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