English IX 9th Class Notes


These notes are very helpful for ninth class students. Download or read online pdf copy English Notes Class IX 9 all chapter questions and answers. In this notes and MCQ find different chapters and Question and Answers like :The Last Sermon of the Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H), Shah Abdul Latif , The Neem Tree , Moen-Jo-Daro, Helen Keller and Poems Golden Daffodils,Poem For Childrens, Stopping by Woods Stanza word meanings,Chapter 6 -Question and Answers about  Allama Iqbal ,The Role of Women in the Pakistan Movement, Perplexed – Complicated, Puzzled, Vanish – Disappear ,Tender – Delicate, Trunk – Main stem or part of a tree, the thick bark of a tree.. Contriving – Devices, invention, Wisdom – Quality of being wise.Caresses – Love or affection, kiss, embrace.Chapter 8 – Quaid-e-Azam Said,Health is Wealth, The Great War Hero Major Aziz Bhatti,Nursing,The Miller and the Dee, Responsibilities of a Good Citizen, A Letter About the Village Life in Pakistan, Central Idea Abou Ben Adhem, The Secret of Success, Benefits of Guddu Barrage.Writing a Letters, Writing an Application.Compositions :Unforgettable Moments in My Life, Pakistan As You See in the 21st Century, Importance of Science As a Subject in Curriculum, A Picnic, Importance of Trees, Life in a Big City, My Favourite Hobby, Health is Wealth, A Street Accident, Responsibilities of a Good Student, Computer a Curse or Blessing.Easily transfer to your PC without difficulty from given below links end of the post.

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