English Medium 9th and 10th Class Biology Notes


Easily download or read online English medium full biology notes for ten 10th x class. This document helpful for metric students who appear in the examination. Chapter are in this file introduction to biology, structural organization of life, classification of living organisms,virus, bacteria and contractible, fungi and algae, bryophytes and tracheophytes, invertebrate, chordate and vertebrate, food and nutrition, respiration, transport in organisms, excretion, support and movement, response and coordination, reproduction,evolution,environmental biology, man and biology,important short topics (all chapters).Some answer and question, write down the characteristics of plants? Give a detail note on a fun area? What is an alternation of generation? Why bryophytes are called amphibious plants? Branches of biology, what are control experiments?How malaria was treated? Metabolism related to growth,electron microscope,note on chromosomes,note on endoplasmic reticulum, prokaryotic cells,note on amoeba,sexual reproduction,structure of root of brassica campestral, digestive system of frog, chemical composition of chromosomes, homologous organs and analogous organs,meant by analogy,what are microorganisms? Note on viruses, harmful effects of bacteria, what are heterocyst? Note on Spirogyra, importance of gymnosperms,modifications of leaves, characteristics of group protozoa,characteristics of class amphibian, germination of seeds,sexual reproduction in animals,define evolution,examples of disuse of organ,trophic level in an ecosystem,note on carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, define genetic engineering,role of biotechnology, modern biology and human life,pollution and its types, greenhouse effect,causative organism,write a note on aids? Biology definitions for 10th class (all units).

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