End of Time (In Light of Chapter Cave) By Harun Yahya


اینڈ آف ٹائم

End of Time (In Light of Chapter Cave)

End of Time (Symbols of Dooms day) in Lite of Sura Kahaf (Chapter Cave), Harun Yahya composed this book and translate in Urdu by Dr. Tassaduq Hussain Raja . Asrar Alam additionally specified in his books i.e. Dajjal volume 1,2 and 3, that the Zulqarnain was an extraordinary Prophet/King/Pious Man of Allah who headed out in earth as indicated by requests of Allah and helped poor and casualties of the earth. His period may not be affirmed however it is conceivable there was numerous Zulqarnains as it is not a particular name of any individual yet a Knight/assignment from Allah utilized as a part of Koran and Holy Books. It is additionally portrayed by Asrar Alam that if a Prophet PBUH whenever is in risk and Allah’s will wishes to spare that Prophet than Allah raise him up while he is existing than Allah send him once more to this world for extraordinary and essential Action against crullers and Satan. So in Chapter Cave (Sura Kahaf) Allah specified same subjects and subjects of few adherents who were rested and arose up after few hundred years, Zulqarnain additionally returned after numerous hundered years and correspondingly Prophet Jesus (Hazrat Issa a.s) will returned as He was raised up securely by Allah while Jews were attempting to kill Prophet Jesus and now the happening to Jesus a.s will be close end of time who will kill the Antichrist. Inshaallah.


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