Eleven Words in English by Jamil Ahmed Nizamani


There are only Eleven Words in English. An English Grammar Book.  A very simple, easy, and colorful book about “parts of speech” and “verbal’s”. A gift for teachers. A guide for students. The “Grammar Book” written according to modern teaching techniques. By Jamil Ahmed Nizamani M.A, B.ED, M.ED. Two main techniques have been used in this book. One is to relate the words with the colors, and the other is to see the sentence with the perspective of the kinds of the words. Every kind of the word has been given a particular color, the word is written in that font color.    Terms more than one for the same thing causes confusion for the learner. Terms just like “articles” and “determiners” for “adjectives” are also exempted to avoid it. Even the terms “parts of speech” and “verbal’s” are not mentioned.Most of the Grammar books are lengthy. A reader’ mind gets confused seeing so many things at a time. The important things are not highlighted accordingly. This book contains the most important words of the English Language. All other information not concerned with the concept of the words is omitted. This is not an informative book. This is a conceptual book. Learning not only depends upon reading and observation. It is attention that causes learning and higher levels of attention speeds up the learning. A book that saves a reader from attention diversion is a good source of learning. The book is well targeted according to the aims and objectives. The aim of writing this book is to bring the things in attention of the reader according to their importance.

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