E FBR Iris NTN Online Taxpayer Registration Guide Booklet in Urdu


 FBR NTN Guide Line For Registration Online for Person in 


رہنمائی برائے رجسٹریشن

فرد کیلیٔے

A PDF Urdu booklet for Guideline E FBR Iris NTN person registration online in Federal Board Of Revenue Pakistan September 2015 Registration your self for text payer Employee and Persons. All booklet in local national Urdu language download PDF or read online from this ebooks library. like and share our post you can also read books in Urdu like. Rehnuma Baraye Registration Fard Ke Leye 2015. You may be read Hakoomat Ka Maliyati Nizam and Baray Maliati Scandals.
 The following content in this document. 
  • Opening Irish
  • Basic information about Data feeding
  • Login in Irish
  • Starting Registration
  • Personal Information
  • Adrees Feeding
  • Business Data Feeding
  • Bank Account
  • Completing Registration
  • fbr ntn online
FBR registration Urdu

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