Dua e Ans (R.A) Afaat se Hifazat Ka Hammal


دعاء انس رضی اللہ عنہ
آفات سے حفاظت کا عمل
Dua e Ans (R.A) Afaat se Hifazat Ka Hammal

Free Download “Dua e Ans” booklet about Afaat se Hifazat Ka Hammal or Duain braye hifazat e Afaat.Shaik ul Hadees Maulana Hazrat Ashraf Ali Thanvi daily reading this Dua After Fajr and Maghrib prayers and dam on an own body.Very important Dua and wazeefa for all Muslims.Ghar se nakalne ki dua, and five hamal for making wali Allah. get this file for only dau and prayer purpose.and keep this document in your PC and your home and office.

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