Drama By Naseer Shaheen in Balochi Language


Free Download Balochi Kitab Drama In PDF

Free Download or read online Balochi Kitab “Drama” in PDF Title name Drama this is PDF e-book in Balochi language by Naseer Shaheen. Read about introduction, History, and types of Play or Drama are in Baluchi language, total 33 pages and PDF file 8.3 MB, the following subject in this book.
  • Shery ya Manzoom Drama
  • Malkoothi Drama
  • Talsmati Drama 
  •  Mazhabi ((Religious) Drama
  • Musalmani Mazabi Drama
  • Hindi Drama
  • Thareekhi Drama
  • Dugneyahi ya Sansari
  • Siyasi Drama
  • Islahi Drama
  • Tabligi Drama
  • Mashkoli ya Mazia Drama
  • Gondkian (Children) Drama
  • Yak Act Drama
  • School Drama
  • Riadyani Drama

Free Download Balochi Kitab Drama In PDF

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