Dr Zakir Naik Debates Free PDF Book in Urdu by Irfan Ahmed Khan


Dr Zakir Naik Ke Mashoor Aur Fiaslakun Manazre

 ڈاکرذاکر نائیک کے مشہور اور فیصلہ کن مناظرے

عرفان احمد خان

Free PDF download or read online Zakir naik Historic Debate books in Urdu This Literature contains much more information on Religion and Science, which was translated and organized by Irfan Ahmed Khan. This is a collection of Dr. Zakir Naik famous and decisive debate (dialogue), Debate with William Campbell & Sri Sri Ravi Shankar now in PDF format. There three books in one PDF first Quran Aur Bible Science Ke Roshni Main second is Islam and Hinduism and third is Gosht Khouri. Islamic scholar Zakir Naik debate with Christians scholar Dr. William Campbell and Hindu religious scholar Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Where Zakir Naik uncovered a portion of the falsehoods and mistakes, specified in Sri Ravi Shankar’s book: Hinduism and Islam. The Common Thread additionally talks about how the interfaith exchange went. Incorporates address and answer session after his discourse. You can also download Zakir Naik Books in Urdu Gosht Khori Jaiz Ya Najaiz and Bible And Quran Modern Science.  The below following topics in this book;

  • Introduction about Dr. Zakir Naik Short Biography and Details
  • The Quran & Bible In The Light Of Science Urdu Par 1 and 2
  • Question and Answer  
  • Concept of God in Islam and Hinduism
  • Islam Aur Hindumat Me Khuda Ka Tasawur Part 1 and 2
  • Is Non-Vegetarian Food Permitted Or Prohibited For The Human Being?  in Urdu Islam me Gosht Khori Ijazat Ya  Mumaneat he?

Dr Zakir Naik Debates Urdu

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