Don’t Be Sad Book In Urdu Gham Na Karain by Dr Aaiz Al Qarni

Gham Na Karain means Don’t Be Sad this is an Urdu translation of famous Arabic book written by Dr Aaiz Al Qarni and translated into the Urdu language by Gatreef Shehbaz Nadvi. Don’t be Sad is an imperative book for all. It is full down to earth counsel to how to repulse lose hope and supplant it with even minded and eventually fulfilling Islamic point of view. It opens to the cutting edge peruser how Islam trains us to manage the tests and tribulations of this world. This is an Urdu interpretation of la tahzan, which has turned into a hit in the Arabic world. An awesome book that will hold your hand to escape troubles and dejections. Now PDF file on the end of the post.

Gham Na Karain Aaiz Al Qarni
Don't Be Sad Book

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