Diabetes Aik Qabil e Ilaj Marz by Dr Dahud Ahmed Shahin PDF

Diabetes Ka ilaj

Sugar Aik Qabil e Elaj Marz Disease treatment health tips Urdu books.  The disease and the system of transmission are in the hands of God. He affects the person who wants and prevails in the form of health as he wishes. Apart from this, he uses medicines at the time of illness and Diabetes is also a dangerous disease, but it is possible to treat caution and prevention if it is not small and small. It is possible that some people think that it is a disease of modernity while reality It is that humans have been suffering from it since ancient times. For thousands of years, it is aware of this disease. And they have a number of prescriptions. Have done it Dr Dahud Ahmed Shahin, a commentary book entitled “Diabetes, is a Treatment of Diabetes”, BSc, MBBS, in which he introduces diabetes while the accumulation of symptoms and treatment methods in a good way. have done. Allaah Almighty is to accept this work of Mu’awiyah in his favour and enhance his beauty. You may be read Diabetes Sugar Ka Ilaj Wa Insdad By Hakeem Saif Ul Allah and diabetes treatment Sugar Ka Desi Ilaj.
Sugar Ka Ilaj
Sugar ilaj Book
Diabetes Treatment Urdu Book


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