Main Ne Dhaka Doobte Dekha By Siddiq Salik

میں نے ڈھاکہ ڈوبتے دیکھا

 جنرل محمد صدیق سالک

Story about accumulation of Bangladesh and 1971 Indo-East Pak war Written by Brigadier Siddiq Salik but abounding others claimed that this accomplished adventure is apocryphal and no facts were there to address this book but biographer alone wrote apocryphal adventure to get absorption of public.Brigadier-General Muhammad Siddiq Salik (September 6, 1935 – August 17, 1988) SI(M), was one of the top contour aggressive administrator and accessible face of aggressive government of President and arch of army agents General Zia-ul-Haq, confined as the media abbot and the branch the Directorate-General for the Inter-Services Accessible Relations (ISPR) from August 1985 till his afterlife in 1988.Salik fought in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965. In 1971, Salik, as Major, was stationed in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, if the 1971 Bangladesh ability war adjoin Pakistan (fought amid 26 March-16 December) and Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 (fought amid 3 November-16 December) took place. Captured by Indian troops on December 19, 1971, Salik was initially confined in Agra bastille afore getting confused to assorted added prisons as a Prisoner of War. He was eventually handed over to Pakistan beneath the Simla Agreement which vouched for barter of prisoners. Salik was an acclaimed writer. He wrote an astute book blue-blooded Witness to Surrender (Urdu version: “Meinay Dhaka Doobtay Dekha”) based on his bond of the war.Siddique Salik was built-in in apple Manglia Kharian, Gujrat District, Punjab, to a Muslim Jat family. Salik accomplished in Lahore and accelerating from Islamia College, Civil Lines, Lahore earning an amount in English abstract and all-embracing relations. Before accepting his agency in the Pakistan Army, Salik had accomplished English abstract in few colleges in Lahore and Abbottabad. 

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