Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki by Inayatullah Altamash

داستان ایمان فروشوں کی مکمل

 عنایت اللہ التمش

Free download or read online  history book  Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki (Tales of the Traitors) by Inayatullah Altamash, Is alternation of belief about Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi (known as Saladin in Western World) who fought bravely adjoin the Crusades (series of religious expeditionary wars adored by the Pope and the Catholic Church, with the declared ambition of abating Christian admission to the angelic places in and abreast Jerusalem), imposed on Muslim Ummah by Christians and European Countries. Salahuddin Ayubi was the being who for twenty years braved the storm of the Crusaders and ultimately pushed aback the accumulated armament of Europe which had appeared to Swarm the Angelic Land. Crusaders accomplished that they cannot win in battlefields, so they alloyed up abounding conspiracies adjoin Salahuddin and his Army, application Bribe, Women and Assassins. Salahuddin Ayubi had to action the Crusaders in the battles as able-bodied as drove conspiracies within his Army, Companions and Allies.it very informative in terms of Medieval history.

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