Dasht e Soos Novel By Jameela Hashmi Urdu PDF Free Download

Dasht e Soos is a novel about the story of Hussain bin Mansur Hallaj. This tale was first distributed in 1983. The narrative of Hallaj is both entrancing and dismal. Hallaj an on edge and inquisitive soul had questions unanswered, he was looking for a few answers and needed to get those like Hazrat Musa(Moses) got at Kohe Tur (Mount of Sanai). He needed to reach to God like where there is no Hijab (cover) left, so he entertains himself into such supplications and reflection that were intense and past the limit of ordinary individuals and they convey to him such mindfulness which he couldn’t summon and in bewilderment said something that took him to the forested areas and was executed.

Dasht e Soos Novel was written by Jameela Hashmi in Urdu easy download PDF copy or read online from this blog. Jameela Hashmi was a celebrated female Pakistani author and Urdu fiction story essayist. She wrote some brilliant Urdu local books and Novels which earned much popularity for her. Jameela Hashmi presented some new patterns in Urdu books composing. Jameela Hashmi is the writer of the book Dasht e Soos Pdf. It is a phenomenal history, change, and useful story which depicts the life expectancy of Hussain Bin Mansoor Hallaj. He was a well-known researcher and Sufi in the historical backdrop of Islam which executed for his convictions. Now get pdf this novel from the end of this post. You may be read Rooh ki Rishty and Raqs e Iblees.

Hussain bin Mansur Hallaj


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