Das Fateh by Saadi Sanghori History Urdu Novel PDF


10 Muslim Conquerors in Urdu PDF Download

دس فاتح 

سعدی سنگروری
Free download  Urdu historical book Das Fateh (10 conquerors) written by Saadi Sanghori The history of  10 ten great Islamic or Muslim conquerors (Fateh) , mostly conquerors from Arabic Umayyad Muslim, Usmani dynasties, Abbasid, and others Muslim military leaders in the Urdu language. the story of 10 Great Islamic Generals & Commanders, complete real stories of examples of power, devotion and scarifies, total 152 pages and PDF file 2.9 MB only

The following 10 Muslim Leader

  1.  Khalid Bin Walid
  2.  Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah
  3.  Umroo Bin Has
  4.  Tariq ibn-Ziyad
  5.  Saad Bin Waqas
  6.  Muhammad Bin Qasim
  7.  Sultan Mehmood Gaznavi
  8.  Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi
  9.  Sultan Shahabuddin Ghori
  10.  Sultan Muhammad Fateh

10 Muslim Conquerors in Urdu PDF Download

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