Dareechy Wasif Ali Wasif Urdu Free Poetry Book


Islamic Urdu Poetry Dareechy Wasif Ali Wasif 


واصف علی واصف

Free Read or download PDF Soft copy Islamic poetry in Urdu book Dareechy written by Wasif Ali Wasif. Collection Urd religious (kalam) poetry of Wasif Ali Wasif. You are browsing Islamic Shayari book (Kitab), Ali Wasif who is a Popular Pakistani Urdu author, artist, instructor, teacher  and a Sufi Intellectual. Wasif Ali Wasif is the writer of well known Urdu books.He was celebrated for his exceptional artistic style. He used to compose short bits of writing on points like love, life, fortune, fear, trust, desire, guarantee, petition, satisfaction, distress etc. He was the normal feature writer of Pakistani Urdu daily paper Daily Nawa-i-Waqt. He is best known for his Shayari and quotes. Now easily and fast download total 200 pages and pdf file size 1.9 Mb only.
Islamic Urdu Poetry Dareechy Wasif Ali Wasif

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