Dard Gar Urdu Novel by Umme Maryam PDF


Dard Gar Urdu Novel PDF Download

درد گر ناول

ام مریم

Dard Gar Novel has three lead characters, Hijab, Abu Daud and Aun Murtaza, and fundamentally one story, however, three characters are telling this one story in their own particular account and point of view.Free Download or read on net Urdu story boo “Dard Gar” is a Beautiful nad interesting Social Romantic Urdu Novel by Umme Maryam Novelist and Digest Writer. Dard Gar Novel has an extremely positive message of Love and Kindness. Love maybe is the most capable feeling. Just love and thoughtfulness can be the response to abhor or exact retribution, generally negative feelings like Hate, Revenge, Jealousy can annihilate any human. Umm e Maryam is a Famous Women Digest Writer and Novelist. She, by and large, composers on different social issues and subjects in her works yet there’s dependably a profound Islamic touch in her compositions. Her Novel Rehman Raheem Sada Saien has gotten a recompense from the Doshiza Digest. Her other distributed books are Teri Chah Me, Teri Raah Me, Meray Gumshuda, Dard Gar, Subah Ka Noor Hamara Hay, Dil e Nadan, Bus Ik Sajan Harjai, Zindagi Khak Na Thi. We trust, our Urdu Novel Readers will like this Novel and give their remarks and input.PDF file size is 32mb.

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