Dar Aur Khof Par Fatah by Shaheen Iqbal Urdu PDF


Free Book Conquest of Fear in Urdu by McBride, W.J.

ڈر اور خوف پر فتح 

شاہین اقبال

Free Download Practical Psychological Handbooks “Conquest of Fear” in Urdu Dar Aur Khof Par Fatah written by McBride, W.J. and Urdu Translation by Shaheen Iqbal. read book Conquest of Fear Through Psychology in a local language. Do you fear the dim? Do you encounter nonsensical apprehensions? It is safe to say that you are the casualty of apprehensive tension? Do you fear social contacts?Is it accurate to say that you are perplexed you won’t Succeed? Are you perplexed of shut spaces? Is it true that you fear stature? read article in Urdu. This Urdu book manages the previously mentioned fears and numerous others. the following five chapter in this book.

  1. Dar Khouf Aur Bacha
  2. Khauf aur Ahsas e Kamtari
  3. Khof, Becheni aur Iztaraf
  4. Khaof aur Fobia
  5. Khouf Qowat Iradi

    Dar Aur Khof Par Fatah by Shaheen Iqbal In Urdu

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