Dajjali Fitna Kay Numayan Khadokhal By Maulana Manazir Ahsan



Dajjali Fitna Kay Numayan Khadokhal pdf Urdu book download is really the most recent manifestation of Tafseer Surah e Kahaf of Maulana Syed Manazir Ahsan Gilani.
 Syed Maulana Madabi Ahsan Geelani discusses in detail about Dajjal Fitna in his book “Salient Features of Dajjali Fitna. They shed light on the signs of Dajjal’s temptation and how to avoid it.
 Open preaching of misguidance and misguidance in religion: During the Dajjal Fitna, misguidance and misguidance in religion will be openly preached. People will be led away from the basic beliefs of Islam and the roots of polytheism and innovation will be strengthened in their hearts.
 More focus on worldly life: During Dajjal Fitnah, people will focus more on worldly life. They will become oblivious to religion and drown in the blessings of the world.
 Era of Oppression and Exploitation: During the Dajjal Fitnah, there will be an era of oppression and exploitation. People’s rights will be violated and they will be oppressed.
 Period of Mischief and Anarchy: During Dajjal Fitnah, there will be a period of mischief and chaos. People will fight each other and chaos will spread in the world.
 Adhering to religious teachings: The best way to avoid the temptation of Dajjal is to follow religious teachings. We should implement the teachings of Quran and Sunnah in our life.
 Acquiring religious knowledge: In order to avoid Dajjal Fitnah, it is necessary to acquire religious knowledge. We should get information about the Qur’an and the Sunnah so that we do not fall into the words of Dajjal.
 Companionship of righteous people: In order to avoid the temptation of Dajjal, it is necessary to associate with righteous people. With the company of righteous people, we will get religious guidance and we will be able to avoid the temptation of Dajjal.
 Maulana Geelani’s book “Salient Features of Dajali Fitna” is an important book that every Muslim should read. This book provides detailed information about Dajjal fitnah and ways to avoid it.
 Maulana Geelani in his book has discussed in detail about the salient features of Dajjal fitnah. He writes that the Dajjal fitnah will be a fitnah that will cause widespread destruction and destruction in the world. As a result of this temptation, people will turn away from religion and pay more attention to worldly life.

    دجالی فتنہ کے نمایاں خد و خال از مناظر احسن گیلانی 

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