Culture Aur Karobar Japan Me by Shuji Hayashi


کلچر اور کاروبار جاپان میں

  شوجی ہایاشی

 ترجمہ: حسن عابدی

Culture Aur Karobar Japan Me by Shuji Hayashi

The Urdu Translated book of  Culture and Managment in Japan by Shuji Hayashi and Urdu translation by Hasan Abidi.Free download PDF copy from here or read online the web.Japanese Culture and Japanese peoples business politics and economy information book.Welcome to our advisor to Japan. That is priceless for someone learning eastern culture, customs, manners, etiquette, values and looking to recognize the men and women higher. You may be going to Japan on business, for a discuss with and even website hosting jap colleagues or consumers for your possess nation. 

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