Corruption Ka Bhoot Naach Tariq Ismail Sagar Download PDF Urdu Book


Pakistan Corruption Stories and Article Collection Urdu 

کرپشن کا بھوت ناچ 

طارق اسمعیل ساگر
Free Download Pakistan corruption stories and article Collection Urdu book “Corruption Ka Bhoot Naach” written by Tariq Ismail Sagar, Contact in this book are Load Shedding crises story in Pakistan, Sugar Mafia and bureaucracy, Pakistani Economic cancer, Indian Secret and danger mission for Pakistan. 600 Arab rupee new taxes, Transparency international, Wrong agriculture policies, Pakistan Assistance Strategy report, Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto, not al-Qaida its gold, Bank ruby and FIA character, Pak-Afgan transit trade story, Article for IMF bank, ISAF and NATO story in Urdu, VAT Valu Added Tax, Real economic development in Pakistan, Corrupt country in 2009, the billion of rupees corruption in Pakistan steel, PIA, EOBI, NBP, DHAs, NIC, KESC, NHA, TDAP, DP Division, DCA PEPCO, PSO Rental power plant, KESC, OGDC and other organisations. Indian Radari.

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