Compelet Astrology Horoscope Book in Urdu Free Download


Aap Ke Sitary Astrology book In Urdu 

آپ کے ستارے

Free download Completed Urdu Astrology book “Aap Ke Sitary” Sitaray kya Kehte Hain in Urdu read online. A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope Read about your life Star Aries (Burj e Hamal), Taurus (Burje Sor), Gemini (Joza), Cancer (Sartan), Leo (Asad), Virgo (sumbla), Libra (Burj e Meezan), Scorpio (Burje Aqrab), Sagittarius (Burje Qaus), Capricorn (Burj e Jidi), Aquarius (Burj e Dilo), Pisces (Burje Hoot). Prediction through the date of birth, Month, and years. PDF file size 21mb and book pages 282. Know about your Health and wealth, stars and zodiac Age, relations, Freinds, Career, Economy, Birthday Profile, Life partner, Mariage Love and society and personality, Monthly life chart. Read more download complete book or read on the net.

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