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کرسمس عیسائیت سے مسلمانوں تک

عبدالوارث ساجد

Christmas book in Urdu
Christmas, from Christianity to Muslim Book in Urdu Christmas, Eisaiyat say Musalmano Tak written by Abdul Waris Sajjad read the reality and history of Christmas and read complete detail about this day a religion based on belief in God and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in Urdu and birth date of Hazrat Essa Aleh Salam, The story of Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Good Friday, Easter Day, Baptism, New Year night and his history. How to celebrate Christmas day today in different countries and worldwide and also read different between Christmas Card and Eid Card and this culture how to grow in Muslim society read reason causes and history in Urdu local language read Importance and instruction for today Muslims. Free PDF download or read online this Islamic book in Urdu total 111 pages and file size 2.3 MB you may be read Christmas Ki Haqeeqat and Mazahib e Aalam Me Tasavvur e Khuda by Dr. Zakir Naik.

Christmas Eisaiyat Se Musalmano Tak PDF Free Download Book:

Islam is the natural and universal religion whose principles are a source of guidance for people till the Day of Judgment. While other religious religions have been disturbed. But the Quran is the only book that is cleared by all kinds of a distinction between the past five and a half centuries.Because the responsibility for his protection is raised by Allaah. Christianity and Islam are divine religions and have a unique place. Christian beliefs are convinced of the Trinity, while Islam is its belief in the belief of Tawheed-e-Azhar. Christians did openly worship the Jesus, the disciples of Jesus, the monks, but the teachings of Islam differed against him. The underlying Urdu book is a fascinating compilation of Maulana Abdul Sajid from Muslims to Christians. Successfully evaluated the history of Christmas, Christmas Tree, basic of Christmas, the founder of current Christianity and the ideas of other Christianity. Allah Almighty should accept the benefits of good deeds, Amen.
Read following topics in this book:

  • What and why Christmas?
  • Hazrat Essa A.S  Ki Tareekh Paidaish
  • Tareekh
  •  Christmas in German
  • 25 December
  • Rasmaim aur Riwaj
  • Christmas tree
  • The story of Santa Claus
  • Date of Birth Maseeh Aleh Salam
  • Naya Deen e Maseeh
  • How to celebrate Christmas today
  • Nahe Bidat Kab Shuru Hohe?
  • Christmas Card and Eid Card
  • Jishan Eid Milad un Nabi kyn mana hay?
  • Importance and instruction for Muslims
  • Five Question for Muslims
  • Mubarak bad dena
  • Essaion Ka Tehwar
  • Easter Day
  • New Year night
  • Baptism
  • Good Friday
Christmas Eisaiyat Se Musalmano Tak
Christmas PDF Urdu Book

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