Charles Sobhraj Ki Sarguzasht Story of Bikini Killer in Urdu PDF


The Fascinating Story of a Dangerous International Criminal in Urdu

چارلس سوبھراج کی سرگزشت

ایک خطرناک بین الاقوامی مجرم کی عبرت انگیز داستان

Read the story of Charles Sobhraj in Urdu. The title name of this Urdu criminal book Charles Sobhraj Ki Sarguzasht. This is the fascinating story or novel of a dangerous international criminal Still Today the police of many countries are required in Criminal cases. The complete crime detail of Charles Sobhraj. Charles Sobhraj otherwise called the Bikini Killer or serial killer is a French serial enemy of the Vietnamese and Indian starting point, who went after Western sightseers all through Southeast Asia amid the 1970s. In the violations were so Popular and created numerous Movies and documentaries were recorded in his life character and his crime stories. He appreciated the consideration, charging a lot of cash for meetings and film rights. Now read about this most wanted person in Urdu local language download in PDF format total 256 pages and file size 18 MB. You can also read more Urdu novels like Sonagachi ki Ratain by A Hamid and Cross Fire by Tariq Ismail.

Charles Sobhraj in Urdu

Charles Sobhraj Urdu story

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