Chalis Minute Ki Aurat Afsanay by Dr Saleem Akhtar


Woman for Forty Minutes Short Stories in Urdu

چالیس منٹ کی عورت
 ڈاکٹر سلیم اختر

Free download Urdu Short stories book Chalees Minute Ki Aurat Woman for Forty Minute written by Doctor Saleem Akhtar. This is Urdu Asfanay book collection of 17 Afsaney in the Urdu language. Total 152 pages and file size 3.3 MB, free and easily download PDF file format or read on the internet.The following below Afsanay in this book.
  • Chalis Minute ki Aurat
  • Hari hari ghaas
  • Tuta kahane
  • Mian bevi and James Bond
  • Alamti Mard
  • Bin Atma
  • Aakhri Shubda
  • Roshan Din Ka Tarik Rat Me Safar
  • Kat Ka Shaer
  • Kanwal Kund
  • Ahmaq Kat Puthli
  • Morda Dhar wali Maqraz
  • Jis Rat Sitary Totay
  • Likha Bad e Samum Ny
  • Matti Ka Qarz
  • Na deeda
  • Sab Kahan

Woman for Forty Minutes Short Stories in Urdu

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