Calligraphy and Graphic Design in Urdu for Diploma Coures


Graphic Design and Calligraphy by Zargar Zahoor PDF

کیلی گرافی اور گرافک ڈیزائن کورس

زرگر ظہور

Calligraphy and Graphic Design Step by Step Training Guide  Book in Urdu For Diploma Holder written Zargar Zahoor and translate by Syed Marghoob Ahmed, This is Urdu Graphic Designing Caligraphy Tutorial (Khatati aur Kitabat) book For two year Diploma Course or training. the topics in this book are. Tools and Material, how making Simple outline Sketches, usage of Body colours,Use of opaque Colour,Composition, Methods of Obtaining colour schemes, Printing process and principles, Silk screenprinting (serigraphy), Typing and lettering on Papers, Classification of typefaces, photo engraving,Creative Photography, types of halftones, Thermographic printing, How to print newspapers and Magazines and other publication, trade Mark, Book designing, Poster, Layout making and creating of items, Paging designing, History of advertisements, Printing press, international paper size and standard, Display types and Lettering, Principles of Layout, Finished art, Point of purchase display/ point of sale display, Packaging design,etc read more detail on this literature download PDF or Trained online.

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