Buraj Aur Sitarey Haqeeqat Kya hai by Dr. Muhammad Saleem


بُرج اور ستارے

حقیقت کیا ہے؟

مؤلف : ڈاکٹر محمد سلیم

Buraj Aur Sitarey Haqeeqat Kya hai
Buraj aur Sitarey Haqeeqat Kya hai book is composed by Dr. Muhammad Saleem. This book clarifies about buraj and stars that are there wherever and imperativeness of these in Islam or these are totally denied in Islam. All the references are taken by Hadith and Sunnah.People used to see the sky around evening time where numerous stars and planets being seen by our eyes. At the point when at dim night, the moon has vanished then, a sky looks like the extremely vivid mat. In our youth, we didn’t comprehend what is distinction planets and stars. There are contrasts  between stars, planets, and worlds. Despite the fact that we see sky during the evening and numerous stars look in night however there in daily papers we read ” how you day will pass in light of stars” yet we ought to peruse as ” how your night will pass in light of stars”, on the grounds that stars are seen in night. Individuals accept about star’s prognostication or stars are great. In Islam to anticipate something in light of stars or planets is illegal. However, our everyday daily papers distribute numerous expectations in light of stars. Here taking after a book by Dr. Muhammad Saleem is about Stars and Planets are seen in the sky in numerous types of the crab, lion, fish and the bull and so on. Authors examined the truth of impacts of stars and planets in light of Quran, Hadiths, and Islamic sources. Read and up evaluation your insight by perusing Buraj aur Sitaray Kiya Kehtey Hain? Free Download or read Online pdf file from below links.Incredible work… I prescribe each Muslim to peruse this extraordinary work with the goal that he might ready to spare his.


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