Buqrat Hayat Falsafah Aur Nazariyat By Malik Ashfaq


Hippocrates life Philosophy and Theory in Urdu 

حیات، فلسفه اور نظریات

‫ ملك اشفاق

Book about Hippocrates (ca. 460 BC-ca. 370 BC) life Philosophy and Theory in Urdu Buqrat Hayat Philosophy Aur Nazariyat written by Malik Ashfaq. Urdu book on the life and achievements of Hippocrates, History and biography the Greek physician of the Age of Pericles the founder of the Hippocratic university of remedy. This mental institution revolutionised medicine in old Greece. Hippocratic Theory, Therapy and Aphorisms read in the Urdu language Now download in PDF long as 114 pages and file size 3.5 MB.

Hippocrates life Philosophy and Theory in Urdu

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