Brahui Urdu Bol Chal Grammar Book Free Download


Learn Brahui Language in Urdu

براہوئی اردو بول چال

عبدالقادر شاہواڑی

Bravi Zuban Seekye, free pdf copy book of Brahui Urdu Conversation (Bol Chal) by Abdul Qadir Shahwari, Learn and speak Brahui Grammar language (Zuban), Word and sentences meaning with Urdu translation wich use in general life. Is a Dravidian language spoken through the Brahui People in the central Balochistan region of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and also live Brahui communities in U A E, Qatar, Iran, and Iraq. Also, read a history of Brahui language in Asia Pakistan-India. Total 99 pages and file size 9 MB.

Learn Brahui in Urdu

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