Bitcoin ki Haqiqat Aur Uska Shari Hukam By Mufti Salman

Bitcoin ki Haqiqat Aur Uska Shari Hukam by Mufti Muhammad Salman Mazaheri from Malaysia. Bitcoin reality in Islam and Shariah. Translate into the Urdu language by Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shoiab Ullah Khan Sahin Muftahi Bani and Member of Jamia Islamia Maseeh Al Uloom Banglore India. Islamic Urdu book free download in pdf or read online. Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is decentralized advanced money without a national bank or single overseer that can be sent from client to client on the shared bitcoin arrange without the requirement for delegates.
بٹ کوئن کی حقیقت اور اس کا شرعی حکم

Bitcoin in Urdu

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