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Free Download or read online Islamic book pdf copy of “The Millennium Biography of Muhammad (SAW)–The Prophet of Allah” by Grand Shaykh, Professor Hasan QaribullahDean of Umm Durman Islamic University and Sammania Grand Shaykh Grand Muhaddith Master Abdullah Ben SadekShaykha Anne Khadijah DarwishShaykh Ahmad Darwish, book Pages 653 . The authors were unable to find a more eloquent preface this millennium biography than a letter sent by theProphet to his contemporary the Emperor Heraclius. In reply, Heraclius commenced an imperial investigative effort to cross-examine the current Prophethood. In the year 610 CE, Heraclius succeeded Phocas as Emperor of Rome. His empire flourished and extended as far west as the Danube in Europe, and included all the countries on the Mediterranean coast. It also included the Balkans of which Turkey with its famed city Constantinople, named after Emperor Constantine was a jewel in the crown of the Roman empire, and many of the Arab countries surrounding Arabia. As part of his prophetic duty, Prophet Muhammad (S A) invited Heraclius to Islam and in responseHeraclius decided to examine Prophet Muhammad. By exploring this book, you are, by default, examiningProphet Muhammad (sa) and this what is meant by referring to the reader as having something in common withHeraclius. Prophet Muhammad (sa) sent his messenger, Dihyah Al Kalbi to the governor of Bostra with a letter.Get this copy clicks given below links download or read online easily.

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