Bimarion Ka Yoga Elaj by Dr. Brij Bhushan Goyal


All Diseases Treatment Through Yoga Exercises With Picture 

بیماریوں کا یوگا علاج 
 ڈاکٹر برج بھوشن گوئل

Free download book in Urdu Bimarion Ka Yoga Elaj written by Kashif and Dr. Brij Bhushan Goyal and recollect by Arsalan Ahmed, All types human Dieses treatment through yoga Exercises and Method with Picture in Urdu language. Sar se Paon tak har bemari ka Yoga ilaj kitab. the exercise of Pose (Asin) and benefits, also read about Acupressure, Postures science, Sciensitafic Malish some diseases name listed.

  • Diseases of The Head
  • The Lungs 
  • Eye Diseases Asthenopia and Other
  • Diseases of The Ear
  • Nose Diseases
  • Heart Diseases
  • Sex Problems Male 
  • Jaundice (Yarqan ya Peleya)

Read about more Diseases treatment download complete book or read online from this blog total 223 pages and PDF file size 7.4 MB only.
All Diseases Treatment Through Yoga Exercises with Picture

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