Best Meat Recipes Cooking Guide Urdu PDF Book


Gosht Ke Munfarid Pakwaan Cooking Guide PDF

گوشت کے منفرد پکوان

مسکان علی
Best Meat Recipes Cooking Guide Urdu PDF Book

Another Pakistan and Indian recipes cooking book in Urdu “Gosht Ke Munfarid Pakwaan” author by Muskan Ali for free download or read online, How to cook flash recipes, Very gustable recipes, and dishes make with this book, How many energy, calories and vitamin and vitamin C daily demand in one human body male children and woman chart, Calories chart of deferent food. Find meat recipes tips and cooking tricks.

Detail of Meat recipes in Under:  
Mutton dishes                                       Daba Gosht                      
Ilachi Qorma                                        Duhan Dahi Gosht
Aabe Gosht                                           Arabi Qeema
Badami Qorma                                     Beef Dishes
Shahi Qorma                                        Nihari
Green Mutton Handi                           Spacial Ran Roast
Achar Masala wala Qeema                 Kabab Tikka
Sabit Masala Gosht                              Burger Kabab
12 masala ka gosht                               Shami Kabab
Shahi Gosht                                           Gosht k Soap
Qeema jat pat                                       Badam ka soap
Babab masala                                       Irani Tikky
Karha masal Matton                            Beef Tamatos Salad  
Makaie Masal Gosht                            Qeema Sandwich
Mutton Ajwahin kofte                         Creami Tikka

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