Bertanovi Raj by Doctor Mubarik Ali PDF Download


British Government History in Asia Urdu PDF Book

برطانوی راج

 ڈاکٹر مبارک علی
Get History Urdu book “Bertanovi Raj”  written by Doctor Mubarak Ali.An Urdu book about British Government history in Asia, India and in this book content are What is Bertanovi Raj (British Govt), Thinking of brain for Asian, (Hindustan K bare me Angrezon k rahe aur Hindustani ke rahe). British Empire in India. A study in Urdu about East India company in this book, read more about Hindu and Muslim in British Raj. Hindustani Tareekhi kitab bilkul muft hasil karian. Study about British Attitudes in India and English Etiquette for Indian gentlemen in Urdu. find about The British imperialism in India.

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